1   As human beings we are all ONE NATION in the eyes of The True Almighty who has benevolently provided us with everything needed (the required true wholistic knowledge, and capacity to see, observe, know, think, understand, choose, decide, and appropriately act) to lead a harmonious, peaceful, progressive and prosperous self-blossoming life but by lazily not making use of which we have brought on to our heads all kinds of avijnaahasas (those with one or more of the ignorant, foolish, unwise, unrighteous, unconcerned, corrupt, unethical, incompetent, egotistic, sadistic natures) as rulers who cannot but create all kinds of misery to the whole of humanity. 

2    It is an indisputable fact that each and every aspect of life of each and every one of us is at stake. When life is at stake ignorance, and insensitivity, and inaction prove unpardonable crimes of irreversible consequences. 

3    The urgent inescapable need is to wake up on war footing to rediscover the true purpose of our human life and in its light to rearrange our collective and individual life management which is called governance, and government to conduct which statecrafting true leaders and ideal rulers are eternally required and to provide which the New Vision Party has come into existence.

4    Hence, it is high time that we all woke up to the actual reality and unitedly as ONE HUMAN NATION took to liberate ourselves and our successors from the prevailing atrocious conditions and impending calamitous conditions shedding all our differences which were deliberately and carefully created, sowed and nourished by political establishments all through history throughout the world.


Hence, we are eagerly waiting at nvpcitizens@newvisionparty.org for your pro-life and pro-active response of joining the New Vision Party to become new vision planetary citizens to create a lasting glorious future for yourself and all your near and dear ones at the earliest in collaboration with all other new vision planetary              citizens throughout the world for Your and for EVERYONE’S Wholistic Welfare, Everyone’s Wholistic Progress, and Everyone’s Wholistic Blossoming.

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