1.The development or backwardness, success or failure, progress or regress, health or sickness, safety and security, peace and prosperity  of any society or country depends on the number of true leaders and ideal rulers that that society or country not only  produces but also keeps on producing.True Leaders and Ideal Rulers do not get produced automatically.  To produce true leaders and ideal rulers there  must be the right training source which unfortunately has been absent in the world for quite some time now.

2.It is in the absence of true leaders and ideal rulers that the false leaders called politicians crop up like mushrooms in any society, grab power, and keep pushing society day in and day out into a mire of more and more complex problems to thrive on as it is happening now in our country and the world over.  And human beings cannot hope to  live in peace and prosper  without right governments and ideal rulers.   Hence, the unignorable inescapable unneglectable eternal need of true leaders and ideal rulers for human beings throughout the world in all ages.

3.But it is not the time to despair and become cynical.  It is time to recognise the eternal infallible inviolable law that if a society does not produce true leaders and ideal rulers capable of preventing and solving problems it is damned to suffer indescribably from the cropping up of misleading politicians and crooked misrulers who do not hesitate to go to any extent to create  any kind of problems and  any number of  problems in society to serve their own unethical vested interests. 

4.Hence, New Vision Party welcomes all noble souled aspirants who do not want their God given precious lives to be  passed suicidally as ignorant foolish self deceiving puppet servant slaves of the present day world controlling avijnaahasa catastrophic forces but  wish to lead life self blossomingly as free independent righteous minded benevolent hearted sovereign individuals with deep urge in them to do true lasting good to society, to bring glory to their motherland, to establish peace in the world, to liberate humanity totally throughout the world, and to be torchbearers of Path of Light and Wholistic Liberation in society along with willingness to joyfully adopt the required unique disciplined life of deep study – intense practice – extensive training to apply for the True Leadership and Ideal Rulership Training Program jointly  offered and conducted by New Vision Party and True Education Foundation.


Aspirants, introducing themselves,  may contact for details.

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