The time has come for humanity to march forward and switch over to statecraft governance throughout the world leaving behind the repeatedly failed and repeatedly letting down collective life poisoning and collective life disruptive and socially suffocative political governance with all kinds of its political system(s), political governments, political economies, political social systems, political education systems, political spirituality, political religiosity, political administration, political sciences, political technologies, political food and agriculture, political medical and health care,  etc., etc.

Just as the moment we experience suffocative condition, we struggle to come out of it, and just as when we discover that  poisonous gas has filled the whole environment we happen to be in, we without delay rush out to safer environment, in a similar manner we have on war footing the inescapable and undelayable need to move from political environment to statecraft environment in each and every country by replacing political governments with statecraft governments for the sustainable survival of humanity since not a single country is with statecraft government as of now.  It is a move which each and every individual whose basic self-preservation instincts have not ceased to function and thus has not turned idiotic has got to take without fail for one’s own and one’s own all loved ones’ truly better future.


Hence, if you too truly and sincerely wish to be part of THIS FORWARD MARCH to set up on war footing the most Auspicious Wholistic Statecraft Governments throughout the world by joining the New Vision Party, please contact us  immediately at


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