A   Now anyone who is a world watcher knows that the political rule by politicians and political parties in every country throughout the world has been not only causing indescribable avoidable unwanted suffering(s), and hardship(s), but also dire consequences for the whole of humanity and whole of the planet proving that the politicians and political parties have miserably failed again and again and can NEVER (for whatever reasons) give humanity a sustainable healthy, peaceful, progressive, prosperous, harmonious, and just world.

B  Hence, the only choice for humanity happens to be to re-introduce in the world on global scale the miagecoc statecraft rule by the New Vision ( i.e., Statecraft) Party in place of the present political rule of political parties since the New Vision Party alone provides the true alternative to all the prevailing as well as all future political parties in the world and no political party can ever be an alternative to the New Vision Party since it is a statecraft party but not a political party.

C  And it is only with the help of the New Vision Statecraft Party rule that people of each and every nation can hope to get permanently liberated from the multi-dimensional yoke of slavery to each and every new and old, gross and subtle form of colonialism since the New Vision Party alone in the whole world is committed to the resurrection, protection and  promotion of the true auspicious miagecoc tradition and cuture of each and every nation (lying buried under however number of layers of non-miagecoc imposed cultures) that prevailed in their respective societies and countries prior to their physical and mental occupation by foreign nations that indulged in  gross and subtle aggressive processes of dilution, disintegration and destruction  of original native miagecoc tradition and culture.

D   As a great modern seer states: The ordinary idea of the nation consists of its geographical and territorial aspect. There is the passion for the land in which people dwell, ‘the land of our fathers’, “the land of our birth. It is a strong and passionate emotion, it has been behind historic efforts and sacrifices. Ii) But to see and adore their country as a land of their birth and life is not the same as to see it as a living being.  Just as the individual has a psychic being, which is his true self governing his destiny, so also each nation too has its psychic being which is its true self, moulding its destiny from behind. Iii) It is the soul of the country. It is the natural genius of the nation, the fountain head of all that is beautiful, noble, great and generous in the life of a country. True patriots feel its presence as a tangible reality.

E    It is only under the New Vision Statecraft Party rule that no nation is ever allowed to rule another nation directly or indirectly, and no country would ever be allowed to rule another country directly or indirectly.  ii)  In the same vein it is only under the New Vision Statecraft Party rule that no nation would ever be permitted to be in the ruling position of any country whose matrix nation it does not happen to be.   iii) And it is the New Vision Statecraft Party alone which does not allow any policies of potential threat to the existence of the matrix society of any country under the false and cunning pretexts of humanitarianism, diversity, socio-cultural enrichment etc., etc.

F     Just as no human being should be without a house of his own, no nation should be without a country of its own.  Just as no human being should be allowed to be dispossessed of his house, no nation should ever be allowed to be dispossessed of its original country.  Just as no individual should allow his family to be managed by non-family members, no nation should ever be allowed to be ruled by non-nationals.  Just as the development of physical motherhood precedes the physical arrival (i.e. birth) of the new born child into this world, the creation of physical countries preceded the arrival of each and every original nation of this planet.  Hence, it is the auspicious New Vision Party alone which is ever committed to see that original countries of all true original nations of this planet are handed over to their respective original nations to prosper in peace with plenty manifesting ever blossoming of  their respective unique miagecoc culture and tradition.


1   Since each human being is a life unit and as a life unit functions properly normally only if one can live based on both tangible and intangible life-supporting and life-promoting healthy stuff, people would be blessed with the availability of all tangible and intangible life-supporting and life promoting healthy stuff only along with lifetime free medical and health care to every citizen unlike under the present political rule.

2   Hence, people would find once again pure unadulterated food, water and air throughout this planet.

3  No tangible or intangible life-harming products would be in circulation on this planet.

4  No circumstances such as unrighteous conflicts, wars, etc. would ever be allowed to be created which could cause dislocation or dispersal of people from their native places and destruction of life, health, honor, property, security, achievements, values, heritage etc. on a vast scale.

5  No individual or group would ever be allowed to be unjust to any individual or group by virtue of their place or and   All peoples would be encouraged to rediscover and revive and promote their respective true miagecoc wholistic culture, wholistic life style, etc.

6  Prompt wholistic justice would be made available to each and every human being which would not cost a single penny to the victim of injustice unlike in the present.


7   It is only under the New Vision Statecraft Party Rule that True Wholistic Thinking-Understanding-Viewing-Acting-Vision etc would be re-inculcated in people in order to make them more enlightened and empowered

8   Unlike avijnaahasa political forces that constantly engage in dividing people based on falsehoods, lies, untruths or half truths for any vested interest pitting one people against other people on some pretext or the other in order to get mileage out of troubled conditions of society, the New Vision Statecraft Party alone unites people on ever bigger scale based on inviolable eternal truths of life in the brotherhood of man and Fatherhood, Motherhood, Masterhood, and Lordhood , of The True Almighty.

9   The three universally and eternally auspicious cardinal principles of life namely, i) live and let live peacefully, ii) grow and let grow positively, and iii) blossom and let blossom infinitely, will be reintroduced into lives of all human beings and made mandatory.

10   And all those who are committed to lead life practicing the said auspicious cardinal principles of life would be granted special privileges.

11  Any demand based on the said cardinal principles of life alone would be accepted by any and every State Craft Government without depending on the number of people who subscribe to it.


12    For the empowerment of each individual True Wholistic Education is re-introduced in the world in place of the prevailing enfeebling false compulsory ill-education deliberately designed for the destruction of human mind.


13   For the empowerment and enrichment of people individuals are educated, encouraged and supported to take to family life by becoming good householders.

14   All householders are educated, encouraged and supported to be vehicles for the arrival of more and more evolved human beings into this world.

15   All parents are provided with the needed education, encouragement and support to be able to provide the best possible family atmosphere for their children.


16   By making free provision to meet all the requirements all the parents would be made to feel that, however number of children be, children are a boon to them and not a bane and never a burden to them in any form at any stage of their development.

17   Thus every child would be ensured of both the parents and congenial family atmosphere.It would be seen to it that no child would ever be left orphan and that each and every child would be provided with both the parents.

18    It would be seen to it that no child would ever be left orphan and that each and every child would be provided with both the parents.

19    True Wholistic Evolutionary Self-blossoming Education and Livelihood Assuring Skill Perfecting Vocational Training would be free for every child throughout life without ever becoming any burden to parents.


20  Full Self-blossoming enabling Education System would be a free progressive no-failure education system which would not create any stress, tensions, labels (such as first class, second class, third class, etc) and waste of time.

21   Every individual would be permitted not only to take up any new work or new occupation of his choice at any age or stage of life without any age restriction but also would be provided with full free needed training for the newly opted vocation to be able to earn his livelihood depending on the newly taken up work or occupation.


22  Not only no individual’s hard earned money would ever be looted by the government with any kind of unjust, unethical, and irrational taxation but also all citizens would be freed from taxation and their earlier paid tax amounts would be returned promptly.


23  Everyone’s wholistic welfarish and everyone’s wholistic progressivist universally just transparent intelligible economic and financial system(s) would be introduced in place of the prevailing unjust unintelligible mysterious non-transparent gambling type economic and financial system(s) along with delivering each and every citizen from debt slavery and bestowing on each and every citizen Ownership of State Wealth.


24   Each and every individual and whole society would not only permanently be made free of all kinds of debts and mortgages but also be made Permanent Owners of State Wealth.


25  Assured Employment (in the field of one’s aptitude) to be able to support (by meeting all the tangible needs of) one’s whole family would be provided to each and every seeker without any age restrictions, and all State employees would be seen to be recipients of totally tax-free perks, totally tax-free salaries, etc., more than that of any private employees since they would ever be part of the greatest holiest everyone’s wholistic welfarish, everyone’s wholistic progressivist, everyone’s wholistic self-blossomist all caring miagecoc statecrafting governance.

26   Remunerations would be categorized with the following order at the apex level: 1) Head of the State, 2)  Teachers in order from the primary to the advanced levels, 3)  Home Makers and  Mothers (in tune with their husbands or childrens’ remuneration), 4) Benefactors of State, 5) Farmers,  6) Ministers in order, 7) Defense Staff (both internal and external) in order, 8) Medical and Health Care Providers.


27  Women, in recognition of the significance of their role in preserving and protecting miagecoc righteousness in the world, would receive remuneration for being miagecoc home makers and miagecoc mothers equal to their husband’s or child’s (whichever is higher) remuneration.


28   Miagecoc Prompt True Whole Justice System would be reintroduced in the world so that even weakest of the weak in society would not only get fullest possible justice but also get empowered to get even the strongest of the strongest offenders punished deterrently.


29  Students would be provided with free no-failure education of their choice throughout life from the lowest to the highest stage.


30   Farmers would be provided with the shield of ‘profit to the farmer loss to the government’.
31     Small Entrepreneurs too would be provided with the shield of ‘profit to the entrepreneur loss to the government’.


32   Each and every citizen would be assured of enjoying the rights of oneself to one’s own life, liberty, honor, property, earnings, and all belongings so long as no violation is overtly or covertly supported or attempted against similar rights of others and no treacherous act(s) against the State are attempted or performed.

33   True Wholistic Secularism is assured to be applied in the State in place of the prevailing fake, false, deceptive diabolic pseudo-secularism which keeps shielding LCHK movements contrary to all sense of rationality and good of society and peace and progress in the world.


34  Each and every citizen without any age restriction would be permitted to be a member of any of fivefold legislative bodies of his choice for as long as he wishes to be without the need to spend a single penny, and without the need to seek a single person’s support in whatever manner to obtain the membership. Thus people would be liberated from the covert and overt rule and hegemony of the Four Ms i.e., the money-powered, man-powered, muscle-powered, and mind-powered (i.e., the cunning) sections of society  and the monopoly of political field by all kinds of such avijnaahasa forces.

35   State Craft Governance would be committed to address people’s problems even before they are reported and brought to the notice of the government.

36   In the Statecraft Governance, unlike in the Political Governance, each and every official would be deterrently accountable for the decisions made and actions performed by him that cause harm or loss to the citizens of the State.

37   All those who join and awaken others to the irrefutable fact of the inescapable need to become new vision planetary citizens (in order to let their lives free from being played with by crooked political governance of avijnaahasa forces) to join and support by whatever means to strengthen and spread the vision and action of the New Vision Party to come into power to govern would be granted all the special benefits and privileges  on the first come first served, and the volume and quality of contribution basis. 


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