08.01  In the first place keeping people in bad days politickers keep making false   promises to people of bringing better days and thereby keep coming into ruling positions which amounts to no more than ruling by fooling!

 08.02 Other than statecrafters, politickers anywhere and everywhere, anytime and every time remain absolutely unfit and ineligible to be anywhere in the field of public governance.

 08.03  Politickers by virtue of their vices and their deep ignorance of all the needed stuff to be in the field of public governance ever remain unfit to be anywhere in the field of public governance.

08.04  In order to make societies weak to keep them under their control the wicked avijnaahasa forces keep people divided by constantly pitting one section of people against another section of people propagating innumerable irrational unrealistic untrue unwholistic inauspicious self destructive ideas woven around atheism, pseudo religions, pseudo gods, pseudo social justice, pseudo authorities, etc., etc., by advancing crooked logic with deceptive arguments in support of the punishable wicked and guilty and thus creating and spreading ever boiling social anarchy, social chaos, social unrest.

08.05 It is because such unfit politickers are in the field of ‘ruling people by fooling people’ life has become so miserable throughout the world.

 08.06 Hence, for sure no politicking political party can ever bring truly better days for people anywhere in the world anytime.

 08.07  Thus it can be seen that the New Vision Party is not only the need of the hour but also the eternal need of each and everyone in all times and climes.


 09.01 Better days, by promising which politicking politicians keep on fooling people to rule,  neither come on their own nor can ever come as outcomes of the flawed and faulty policies and practices that politicking politicians and political parties indulge in throughout the world.

 09.02 Politicking politicians do not have even the remotest idea of what constitute better days and just by bragging better days do not come while indulging all the time in all kinds of things that keep bringing more and more bad days by their creation of more and more divisions, distances, conflicts and confrontations, distrust, disrespect, violence, and with the promotion of ignorance, envy, jealousy, hatred, greed, disunity, etc. 

 09.03 Unless and until 1)  true wholistic education is spread again among people which alone would aid in the twelve fold right relating  in all classes and sections of society, 2)  auspicious true wholistic life style and culture are promoted, 3)  true whole democracy is introduced in place of the present fraudulent pseudo democracy which in fact is the most dangerous olicoteklokacracy, 4)  everyone’s wholistic welfarish and wholistic progressivist non-fraudulent and just economic and finance systems are instituted, and 5)  the mighty inviolable all governing eternal cosmic order compliant auspicious wholistic evolutionary governance is re-established, the question of good days arriving does NOT arise at all. 

 09.04 Since it is the New Vision Party alone which is capable of attending to all these five requirements of good days and no other politicking political party is capable of attending to even any one of the five requirements of good days even in their dreams, it is high time that people stopped expecting any good days while allowing politicking political parties to continue to govern them without bringing the New Vision Party to power on war footing to govern them.

 09.05 Without bringing the New Vision Party to power to create statecraft governments in the world, nothing can be a greater superstition, greater foolishness, and greater stupidity than to expect good days from politicians, political parties, and political systems with their degenerative, disintegrative, and destructive political rule (governance) filled with their fraudulent, faulty, flawed and repeatedly failed policies and practices.

 09.06 How unjustly, irrationally and unethically  political governments formed by politicians function can be understood from the facts such as :  a) creating wars and disturbances throughout the world of local to global proportions to destabilize and disperse people to turn them into refugees and helpless lot, b)  to allow organized crime to continue worldwide leaving no safety or security for any people anywhere in the world, c)  imposing irrational taxes and robbing people of their hard earned monies, d)  cutting people off from the roots of their pro-life, health nourishing cultures and lifestyles, e)  allowing all kinds of both tangible and intangible unhealthy products in society, f) depriving people of their invaluable true knowledge, g)  promoting  and securing their privileged positions  in their respective countries in violation of all basic minimum rational, just and decent norms, h)  misleading their own people with repeated lies, i)  allowing and encouraging unhealthy lifestyles and work styles, j) politicizing anything and everything turning everything into a bone of contention, k)  robbing more eligible people of what is due to them and thus demoralizing the more eligible in society, l) making true safety and security for one’s life, honor, wealth, property, monies, etc unavailable to citizens, m) making true justice absent and unavailable in society, n)  making people work day and night and yet pushing every country into mysterious never ending debt traps,  o) making corruption norm of society, and p) unashamedly fixing higher salaries, higher perks, higher subsidies,  higher pensions, greater privileges etc to themselves while denying the same to even more deserving ones!

 09.07 Therefore, when the alternate golden opportunity in the form of New Vision Party has come into existence for wholistic liberation and wholistic blossoming of humanity, nothing can be a greater crime than not working on war footing for establishing everyone’s wholistic welfarish  and everyone’s wholistic progressivist auspicious statecraft government with the help of New Vision Party in every country in the world which alone assures everyone true peace, progress, prosperity, and justice in the present globalized world.

 10.01  Each and every human being without exception, wherever and whenever be born and brought up in this world, need to take cognizance of certain important things based on the understanding of which the blossoming or fading of his life depends.

 10.02  Some of the most important matters to be taken cognizance of happen to be the mighty inviolable all governing eternal cosmic order, miagecoc life stye and culture, true history of humanity, the ways and means of true avijnaahasa forces (ignorant, foolish, egotistic, unrighteous, unjust, inefficient and evil forces) coming in the way of true human life betterment, true purpose of life both individual and collective, inescapable need for miagecoc government(s), true wholistic education, and right twelve fold relating.

 10.03 It is until and unless one takes cognizance of the above matters and develops right understanding based on them, one remains incapable of taking right decisions to lead regarding true betterment and progress of either one’s own life or others’ lives.

 10.04 It is the New Vision Party alone in the whole world which is equipped with and capable of aiding each and every seeker-learner to develop right wholistic understanding of life with regard to individual life, collective life, and the world based on which alone human beings individually and or collectively can take right decisions and act appropriately to allow sustainable good days to arrive.

 10.05 Hence, it is imperative on the part of human beings the world over to start a branch of the New Vision Party in their respective countries either with the same name or with a suitable their specific language and culture based name reflecting what all the New Vision Party stands for and bring it to power to govern them instead of continuing to allow the diabolically politicking political parties (that have been ruining their lives in all aspects throughout the world) to govern them.

 10.06 It is with the New Vision Party Statecraft Governance alone that people throughout the world can hope not only to get all the uniqueness and riches of their respective national cultures protected but also resurrected and restored unlike with the case of politicking political governance which inevitably indulge and indulged in decimating the uniqueness and riches of many national cultures.

 10.07 The New Vision Party is to help in breaking the chains of multiple slavery of people to avijnaahasa forces and in order to usher in a fearless life of warless world (in a world where war has been reduced to a racket!) of freedom, peace, prosperity, progress and joy for everyone, for all the people of goodwill for whom their own and their loved ones’ true welfare and true progress, true peace and true prosperity, true health and true wellbeing always matter.

 Hence, if you too truly and sincerely wish to be part of THIS WHOLISTIC Solution of setting up on war footing the most Auspicious Wholistic Statecraft Governments thoughout the world by joining the New Vision Party, please contact us  immediately at